The end of my Mexico experience

It’s been surprisingly hard to get my act together recently and think of something to write about so I’ve not touched on the fact that my year abroad experience had to come to an abrupt end very recently. Like everyone at the moment, I’m finding that motivation is hard to come by, and any that […]

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Back home for Christmas

I decided to come back to England over the Christmas period, to see my family and friends and spend the festive period here at home. It would have been nice to spend it in Mexico, where the other assistants from British Council who were staying were meeting up in Cancun for the day, and travelling […]

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Día de los Muertos

Everyone I asked about recommendations for Día de los Muertos since we arrived here in Mexico told us we just had to go to Michoacán to experience it. This is hard, however, since hotels get booked up from January, and we only started thinking about it at the end of September. Luckily, we managed to […]

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Puerto Vallarta

One of my oldest and best friends is currently studying on a placement year in Washington, and decided to come and visit. Having spent the past 3 months non-stop studying, she suggested a trip to the beach to relax, however our somewhat ambitious plans of visiting Cuba or San Salvador turned out not to be […]

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The thing I love most about Guadalajara would probably be the fact that there are several little towns (called ‘pueblitos’) surrounding the city, each with their own atmosphere and traditions. I was lucky enough to have my dad come down to visit as his job means he frequently works in the States, so while he […]

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A friend and I decided to take a trip to the famous lake Chapala this weekend, just an hours bus ride from the city, and loved by American ex-pats and tourists alike. We booked a last minute room in an Air BnB and after a Friday spent having manicures and pedicures and spending way too […]

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Frida, the same colleague who had previously invited me to San Luís took me along on a trip with her mum and sister to the state of Guanajuato. She had a conference in the town of Irapuato on the Friday and the morning of Saturday, so I explored the town with Paty (her mum) and […]

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